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Monday, November 24, 2014

Goodness gracious, it's been a LONG long time!

I have an AMAZING excuse!

Pleased to introduce you to my now 14 month old baby girl, Ms Beta.

Since the last time I have written, SO much has changed.

Honestly, when I was more active with this U-Bee-Well blog, I was so tangled in music and never really wanted or imagined being a business owner.

And when the wee one came~~ everything started to piece together with a new clarity, on all angles.

If I put a little more energy into the business, I could be present with my baby. BIG number one.

AND then, I thought well, how can I make it feel good in my heart to be a business owner.. It's not just about making money to me!

About a year ago, I had an awakening that I could REALLY use this business for good.

For instance, I can source my 5 ingredients from independent farms.

Which lead to~~~ the big, complex and scary issue of the BEES.

You know, they go, we all go.

So, I reached out to a local beekeeper here in Philadelphia and asked how I could help.

He mentioned a national conference that took place in West Chester and that a big problem that beekeepers and bees are having outside of the GMO situation is that Queen Bees are being shipped up from warmer regions and not surviving the colder months. If we could contribute to a Queen Bee rearing program, the likelihood of the colony survival rather than the collapse would be significant.

There is much movement in helping and trying to find ways to aid the epidemic of the vanishing bees. Even coming from the White House!!

I have opted to use U-Bee-Well as an easy way for ALL of us to help out the vanishing bees.

Once I found a way to use the balms for good, my heart got IN it. With a promise to donate 10% of the profits from large accounts to independent beekeepers for a specific queen bee rearing programs.. I want these balms EVERYWHERE!!

( photo by; Kelsi Windmiller)

Not only are the balms the best~~ but we can save the world TOGETHER!


So, my accounts are growing; check out the list of stores HERE

Please feel free to help me spread this as the more balms we get out in the world,

The happier and healthier we will ALL be in the years to come!

Thanks so much for reading, and I'm gonna write more on here again.. promise!



PS; please DO check out my new website. Super proud of it!! ((Thank you Kiki Han!!))

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Gift that Gives Back~~~

Why is it important to shop local and independent?

By supporting your local and independent businesses this holiday season, you are doing a double act of kindness. NOT by just giving the gifts to the people you love..
By supporting local and independent businesses you give communities at large an opportunity to thrive!

For instance, you like music right?  Did you know that I am in a band?  Well, after much effort and ruminating I have discovered that sadly, there is no product in music any more.  Do you know that musicians are a legitimately 'at-risk' population in their own right?  Every day people who are the most brilliant music makers are giving up their dream and their talents because they are unable to sustain. If they are lucky they have been able to register for welfare and food stamps but because their finances are so hard to track and submit, even applying for welfare is a challenge.
As I grow this brand of U-Bee-Well, I will be donating a percentage of the proceeds to musicians. The up and comers. Those who are working endlessly sharing their hearts and passion.. blood, sweat and tears. Id like to be part of a resolution to prevent the 'Van Gough syndrome'..  We don't need any musicians cutting off their ears from being a tortured soul of not being able to share the inherent gift they were given. In addition, WE as humans need music in our lives.

In addition to to my sentiments and passion for music, I feel the responsibility to draw connection from human to human...and from human to planet. I've taken months now (-- an incubation period I'll call it.) trying to figure out how I can reach the population at large with this notion of how crucial it is that we are connected. My resolution is by releasing a physical product attached to a larger message.
I feel as though I have just awoken. I never knew it, but I am indeed very clearly an entrepreneur. A social entrepreneur.

I started making lip balms and medicines using plants from my garden in West Philly. I have gotten to know the local beekeepers, farmers, co-ops. One of the greatest gifts that music has brought to my life is the opportunity to travel all over getting to know so many incredible communities all over this country.  Artistic communities, Artisans, Teachers, Organizers, Farmers, Children.. Musicians..
My goal is to find a way to bridge all of the communities.  Even if it is to bring knowledge that 'we are not alone'. There is a real movement going on in so many pockets of America. People wanting to get back to connecting. With each other, with the planet. Wanting to know where the food we eat comes from, and the objects we use are made..

I have America's wind on me. I want to share it with you.
In these next few months my accounts will be growing. More people will know about U-Bee-Well.   I hope that people will like the lip balms enough to check out the (what will be new website and video blog). I have no less intention than to help build a global village.

As you gear up for your holiday season, please do keep U-BEE-WELL in mind.
AND remember, shopping LOCAL and Independent is LITERALLY the gift that gives back!! We are offering the coziest of gifts for you and your loved ones this holiday season and we thank YOU so very much as you shop this holiday season.

Thank you.
We love you,


Aka; Barbara (of The Spinning Leaves)



you.bee.well@gmail.com (to make an order, or to say hello!)

**Or Please leave a comment on this blog if you dig what you just read!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Closing of summer and new beginnings. Non-linear.

Hello friends.. and to whoever might stumble upon this blog of mine. Anyone out there?  I have to say, this is my first time adding to this blog in quite some time.  Ya see---  I am a bit of a techno-phobic person.  It seems like one thing after the next with all of the social media ventures. Due to being in a band, (The Spinning Leaves)  also, I feel pretty saturated already.. but I've decided to take a moment to say hello to the 'blogger world'. So.. Hey!

We have been getting pretty excited here with U-Bee-Well.  We're partnering with some folks that I am so proud to be partnering with.  This will be a later announcement..  And when it's appropriate we'll scream it, with bells and skip down the streets with bottles of cordial.
In any event, that announcement soon.  This now;

I have recently decided to step up in the products that I produce.  It's so much fun for me and I feel like I want to do all that I can to rejoice in the fruits of the harvest from this summer and as we enter fall.

In addition to our lip balms;

We have opted to add a new product to our line;  An absolutely amazing Lavender Sea Salt Hair Mist.  Whoaa! 

 It's been slow and steady growth with U-Bee-Well. One leaf at a time.  We've been fortunate at this point with our primary product being the lip balms... we spread real grassroots like.  It's been so interesting to see it unfold. I have not been pushing the lip balms..  BUT we  have recently decided to step up with getting them out in the big wide world.

Currently the lip balms are sold at;

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Ananda (Venice)
The Herbiary
Mariposa Food Coop
Milk and Honey
Swag Boutique

U-Bee-Well Lip Balms will also be found come the end of this month at Mama's Wellness Joint which will be opening in the Washington Square neighborhood soon, soon, soon! Paige, the owner was so kind to write U-Bee-Well up in her blog.  You can check it out here;


Mama's is going to be an amazing resource for women, mothers' to be and new mothers. I could not be more proud to be associated with Paige's endeavors.


I have decided to make this blog consist mostly of some pictures that inspire me..

Starting, number 1... with my Dad.  Sept 29th will be 2 years since he has passed on.  Unreal. I would not have gotten into creating things with plants if it were not for him.  Although I no longer get to hang with him like in the picture below.. I am continually blessed by his spirit.  Below are also pictures from places I get to go when I travel with The Spinning Leaves,  http://www.thespinningleaves.com my band.  All over this country... What an amazing land and history we have here.  Winona Laduke says something along the lines of, 'This country was based on conquisition and this is NOT sustainable. Why hold on to the dinosaur fuels?, she asks. I love Winona Laduke. I have written her hand written letters. I have not gotten a response, but I still love her.   Perhaps one day there will be a van following Winona around.  If I stumble upon it, I'll jump on it.  Until then.. I'll keep plugging away from here in Philadelphia :).  Enjoy the pictures!


Much of what I have done with music and with U-Bee-Well  has been in hopes of connecting human to human and human to planet.  Although I was already on the path..   I have a lot of thanks for the folks at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction    to help me see things more clearly on the power of participating in a conscious consumerism..  They are truly revolutionary.

Please keep posted.  I will be posting a video in a few weeks on how to make lip balms.  There will also be music. IT will be fun!

**If you love u-bee-well lip balms, send us a picture and we will post it in our next blog.  This was sent to us by an amazing actor in Philadelphia named David Sweeny.. Achieving much success with his character Johnny Showcase of the Johnny Showcase & Left Lucy Cabaret.

We love Johnny Showcase and so should you. 


If YOU or someone that you know may be interested in carrying our products at your store. OR using our lip balms to market your business, or to remember your special event..  be in touch!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

U-Bee-Well Lip Balms featured in Grid Magazine and now available at stores in Philadelphia!

We have been featured in Grid Magazine's Holiday Gift Guide.  We are very thankful as it has opened up doors to local businesses who are now carrying the balms!

 We are honored to now be found at the Herbiary in Chestnut Hill and in the Reading Terminal.  You can also find us at Milk & Honey in West Philly.  Soon we will also be found at Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction in Old City.

I am inviting you to consider U-Bee-Well as you are buying gifts this holiday season.

In addition to wholesaling the lip balms,  I have been working very hard to develop gift packages for the holiday season, and I am super excited and proud to bring them to the public! I use the fine...st ingredients I can afford.. all consciously chosen, and most of my products even include plants from my garden!

In the event you have not heard, my lip balms are being featured in Grid Magazine in their upcoming issue in the holiday guide. This has been a complete blessing as it has become easier to get local stores such as The Herbiary (located in the Reading Terminal and in Chestnut Hill) and Milk & Honey (in West Philly) to carry them. The lip balms will be found in these stores by next week.

Although I am only trying to put the lip balms into stores, I am excited to offer to my immediate community of friends and family gift baskets.





~Lip Balms, my staple product...

*Ingredients; Local Beeswax, Local Honey, Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, and the best olive oil I can afford!
~~~You won't be disappointed and the lip balms are PERFECT stocking stuffers!




~Bath Tea (** calming for both little ones and grown-ups!)

Ingredients; *Lavender *Chamomile * Calendula


~A choose your own blend for drinking tea;





~'The Magic Blend' of drinking tea. Awesomely calming and cleansing.. (My personal favorite!)

Ingredients; *Red Clover *Scullcap *Catnip *Chamomile * Calendula * Mint * Mugwort * Lavender





AND Lastly;

Absolutely amazing **Clove Sugar Scrub

Fantastic for moisturizing during these cold months. The smell will blow your mind, no joke.

Ingredients; Organic Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Raw Shea Butter, Rosemary Oil (Rosemary from my garden!) & Essential Oil of Cloves.



***BASKETS MAY ALSO BE DELIVERED FOR AN ADDITIONAL COST (Pending on your drop of location in relation to West Philly!)

If are interested in any combination of these products, please let me know at your earliest convenience so I can start making them.

Again.. Please place your orders via email;


Thanks so much for considering us in this season of giving!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall time is the Right Time!

I love the turning of seasons.  The energies are always inspiring.  In the event you don't know, Mike and I (The Spinning Leaves  thespinningleaves.com) set out for a 2 & 1/2 month tour of the country.  27 states.. oh, man was it amazing.  I feel like it should be a mandatory requirement for all U.S citizens to make the trek cross country.

Anyway, I just got out of a big meeting with our music label which followed a long meeting yesterday.. talking about music business and events and things.

I feel like part of the reason why I like to work with plants is because it grounds me when the pursuit of music is endless and flighty.

With this said, I have decided to take my lip balms that I created to a new level.  I am offering an opportunity for small businesses, non profits and independent folks (or bands) marketing a product to use the lip balms to market themselves.  Getting a logo and website on a lip balm is an awesome way to market a product.  It's re-usable, ya know?  I learned about ETSY via a lip balm they were giving away at a table at the folk fest a few years ago.

I recently learned that the more I make, the cheaper it can be.  Unfortunately, when doing the larger orders I won't be able to use all plants from my garden and the lavender essential oil made by the Menonite women just outside of Philadelphia, but I will use the finest ingredients that I can afford at this point.  It will still be a great lip balm, promise..  Fine ingredients meaning (I'll get the essential oil from Whole Foods.. ya dig?)

Anyway, if you're interested, please let me know as soon as possible.

    It will take me a few weeks to complete one order right now because I don't have 500 empty tubes in my house.. I have to order them. I have to go get the ingredients. And then~ send YOUR logo to the lovely Angela Miles who will work her graphic art magic... get the labels printed..  and then, I drop the lip balms off to you!

I'm very excited to get this rolling.  I hope to hear from you soon.
Email me at you.bee.well@gmail.com

As for other happenings~  I have been researching lotion making recipes.  I am getting very excited to make some great lotions soon... as well as some perfume and candles! 
ALSO~~ it's cold season. If you're a friend and want something to boost your immune system, let me know if you're interested and I'll make you my special potions.
*You have to be a friend for the medicines though.  I am not licensed. Can't sell to the public.
With this said~~ my medicines are effective and I take them myself, as long as a few friends to date.

I hope you were out somewhere today in this glorious weather we're having.  Thankfully we got out early and hiked around Fairmount Park.  I was the more successful than I have ever been with skipping stones.  I got one to skim the 'wooder' once!

Before I sign off, I will be offering gift baskets for the holidays.  Lip balms, lotions, teas candles and perfumes.. Just planting the seed.
Keep your eyes open for more info in the near future.

Thanks for reading.

Let me know what you think of my blog!!

me, Barbara.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~*~*Grow Your Dreams~*~*

Grow Your Dreams... I've decided that I am going to get these words printed on my stickers and postcards that I will be distributing in stores.
Today, I had an awesome day in Philadelphia.
I visited great herbal resource stores right in the city.  One is the Penn Herbal Company; located at 2nd & Spring Garden..   http://www.pennherb.com/
 And the other is the Herbiary; a store in the Redding Terminal  (also with a location in Chestnut Hill)  http://www.herbiary.com/
Since I have started making balms, I have been getting my beeswax, honey and essential oils from Kings.  This spot has become a mecca to me.  It is family run by the sweetest Mennonite women, about an hour outside of Philadelphia.  If you are ever up for a little journey, I would highly recommend making a trip..http://www.kingsherbs.com/
Although, Kings will continue to be my favorite for my ingredients both the Herbiary and Penn Herb are really incredible resources that we are lucky to have here within Philadelphia's city limits.
In addition to deciding to use 'Grow Your Dreams' on my stickers and postcards, I have recently made another great realization on why I want to bring my balms to the public.    I found that making balms is a fun way to ground myself in the pursuit of my musical happenings, and life in general.  It has been truly a blessing to find a way to be connected to the planet while living in the city and my big hope is that whoever ends up having a u-bee-well lip balm will be triggered to also find a small way to get connected to the planet in their lives.  Be it going to a farmers market, or composting..  supporting the sustainable, independent businesses...  Even if you don't consider yourself an environmentalist; there is a no debate that a tomato from the farmers market is 10 billion times more scrumptious than one that comes from a far off place and treated with hormones and pesticides..    I hope that u-bee-well will spawn the activist in every person that encounters one of the lip balms..  If we each do just a little~~ together we can shake it!!
**Cheeeers to dreams~~~  Growing dreams......

Thursday, July 7, 2011

U-bee-well lip balms!!

Hello friends, i'm not going to ramble on as long as I did in my last post a few months as it is late at night and I have such a busy day ahead of me. With this said, I have perfected my chapstick recipe if I don't say so myself! I started using plants from my garden. I infuse olive oil with the calendula and lavender of which I have been watching flourish in our herbal wheel and garden right in west Philadelphia. I got my labels made at fireball printing just last week and I am now officially ready to bring the chopsticks to the public! This past weekend I met with my good friend Megan from art star in the northern liberties section of philly who was so kind to give me a crash course on wholesale. I then called my best friend, robin who is a buyer for a hip boutique in Venice beach, ca. She gave me a whole lot of insight on the art of presenting a product to a business. After I spoke with robin I got insight from my cousin, Melissa in Florida who owns a store.
Lastly, earlier this evening I met with angela, the genius behind the u-bee-well label. Megan,robin, melissa, and angela.. A billion thank you's for your shared expertise! Today I made the dive and bought myself an iPhone so I can be more efficient I developing this line coupled with my music career. And now.. I'm about ready to go! I have decided I want to stick to sustainable and Eco- friendly businesses and organizations. In my music career with the spinning leaves, we have worked so hard and continue to work so hard to build and empower communities. We have done this through means such as the philly folk parade and getting involved with as many communities and organizations using music as a tool. I feel that these chapsticks Are an extension of that. This planet is plagued with disconnectedness. I use music as a tool to help bring folks eye to eye. A large part of that disconnectedness is also person to Planet. Developing relationships with plants is one of the ways that helps me feel connected.. Even while living in a city! My hope is that this will also inspire others to find ways to connect with the planet amidst whatever it is you do! When this happens we will surely grow...together!